Connect with: Joaquin Ruiz & Rehmark

Together with releasing their joint “Observative Indicator EP”, Joaquin Ruiz and Rehmark contributed to our Connect series. For this edition, the artists have interviewed each other, which resulted in an insightful conversation between the two covering different angles of music.

We hope you enjoy the read!


Joaquin Ruiz: What is your producing set-up?

REHMARK: I have gone through different configurations of my setup, but in the end it is all software. Technology has advanced so much that it allows you to emulate analog sound and that all your tools are inside a computer.

Joaquin Ruiz: Where do you pick up your inspiration?

REHMARK: I have seen many live artists and impressive staging, but if I had to choose, without a doubt, one of my great references is Oscar Mulero. From a very young age I have been able to enjoy his sound since he was a resident in Madrid. Other references are Len Faki, Lewis Fautzi or Reeko.

Joaquin Ruiz: Software or hardware?

REHMARK: As I was saying, technology has advanced so much that you can have all your tools inside a computer. For portability convenience I prefer the software. I’m sure one day I’ll buy a synth and outsource a process outside my computer to an external mixer, summing or tube compressors, but for now all software.

Joaquin Ruiz: How do you see the future of electronics in the coming years?

REHMARK: Well, I wouldn’t know how to tell you with everything that is happening and what we have been through! I am a very positive person and I like that side of things. I am convinced that electronic music will continue to grow and new artists will arrive with new proposals and that always enriches both those of us who are already there and those who will come in the future.

Joaquin Ruiz: What’s coming next for you?

REHMARK: Well, we are going to continue making music and I have some collaborations and remixes ahead of me. And I am in the process of opening my own label and renewing my radio show to start it up again.

RERHMARK: How did you start in electronic music?

Joaquin Ruiz: I fell in love with electronic music at the beginning of the 2000s, genres like electro were the first sounds that influenced me since it was the sound that they played in the clubs I attended, and with the passage of time I was experimenting more and more in the underground scene coming more directly to techno, minimal techno in clubs like cocoliche until 2014, the year in which I would release my first Remix, starting all this that I continue to live today.

RERHMARK: What are your biggest influences?

Joaquin Ruiz: Within my influences I have many sounds, music was always present in my family we had musical instruments and my father dedicated himself to music as a hobby Rock, Salsa, Cumbia, Folclore are sounds that always sounded in my childhood now talking more specifically about my techno influences Jeff Mills, Ben Sims. Ben Klock, DVS1 to name a few.

RERHMARK: Software or hardware?

Joaquin Ruiz: I think that in the musical world there are many myths, I think that both software and hardware have many things to offer us, using both in the right measure I think it’s key!

RERHMARK: how do you see the future of electronics in the coming years?

Joaquin Ruiz: I see that electronic music is reaching more and more people and different sectors, here in Latin America in the last 10 years everything has grown quite a bit, and I think that in the future this movement will continue to grow.

RERHMARK: How did the pandemic affect you on a creative level, did something change due to it?

Joaquin Ruiz: The truth is that the pandemic has affected me positively. having so much time in the studio I took the opportunity to work hard on my sound, looking for better quality in my tracks is something I always work on and in these times I think it was very important to maintain the busy head. I didn’t change my way of expressing myself, but I did adapt new techniques that I think served to mature my sound.


Check out “Observative Indicator EP” below!