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Abstract Division - Anybody is Nowhere EP

A little more than 2 years ago, labelhead honchos Paul & Dave released their “Nobody is Anywhere EP” on their own imprint Dynamic Reflection. It was a statement about the status quo in the techno scene back then, where many artists didn’t know which way to go. Ironically enough, the contrary is very true as we speak.

The “Anybody is Nowhere EP” responds to their previous work and reflects the uncomfortable time we are currently living in, driven by uncertainty. Even though these are not the happiest thoughts, the track titles show that there is hope left. “Emergence” is a very seductive but psychedelic trip towards “Discharge”, which feels like Abstract Division discharges themselves completely. The last track, “Polarise” points out the current divided society, which sets some doubtful thoughts about the future.

Scandinavian rebel and Northern Electronics patron Anthony Linell provides his interpretation of the track “Emergence” and delivers a distinctive remix as only he can.

Close your eyes and dive deep into the rabbit hole with us.

Price €6,00 (digital) - €9,00 (vinyl)


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