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Svarog - Mysticism EP

The term ‘Mysticism’ concerns the passionate pursuit of a personal union of the soul with God or higher powers. To be able to enter this state of mind, we welcome back Svarog on The Nursery.

This Ukrainian mastermind created the perfect 5-track-EP, called “Mysticism EP” to transform any dance floor in an ecstatic shamanic dance floor. Vice versa, it could bring a nice and peaceful intermezzo to a steamy and never-ending club night.

Whatever mood or atmosphere you want to pursue, Svarog took care of it with this EP!

Price €5,00


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Inigo Kennedy
Svarog - Morning Meditation (Original Mix)
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"Very nice. A slice of calm is just what is needed."
Svarog - Fata Morgana
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Great EP, Svarog never fail. Full support!
Claudio PRC
Svarog - Morning Meditation (Original Mix)
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"Very beautiful EP, full support!"

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