Control Node EP

by Forward Strategy Group

Just before the summer hits, we're breaking it down with a massive techno bomb from the subs of Scotland

Just before the summer hits, we’re breaking it down with a massive techno bomb from the subs of Scotland.
This time it’s the mighty Forward Strategy Group which will be responsible for some serious damage on the floor. The squad which delivered some amazing tunes for Perc Traxx and recently did a podcast for CLR Recordings are now up for a true banger on Dynamic Reflection.

On this EP they split the force and bring both their own solo actions. Smear takes over with ‘Inert’, tweaking his synths into phased edges with a phat groove on top. The ‘Retail & Leisure’ remix is more subdued and trips away with a smooth acid bassline through the track.

On the B-side the other half of FSG; Patrick Walker smashes down the door with a more darker groove. Pounding kickdrums, dark rhythms and smooth soundscapes is what’s his recipe is for ‘Phase Linear’. This will definitely hit the big rooms!!
Boex & Miller breaking down the beat in their rework, which makes the perfect balance for this EP.

All ‘n all a superior release by these gents and remix heavyweights.

Let’s pray for more of this pure quality stuff and keep our eyes on the the future. The scene need more labels like this which reflects the current techno movement and promises loads more of that sweet stuff in days to come…

Dynamic Reflection will represent only the true spirit of pure techno, they will put only the quality stuff back on the dancefloor!

Big support from oa. Bas Mooy, DVS1, Perc, Tommy Four Seven, Go Hiyama, Paul Mac and many more…


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