Midnight Ensemble LP - Limited Red Edition Bundle

by Abstract Division

Note: this is the limited edition of Midnight Ensemble that comes with a special T-Shirt.  Each vinyl is a one of one collector’s item, which was handcrafted by the talented visual designer Coco Rae. Only 50 copies available, so be quick!

Midnight Ensemble could be interpreted as an ode to nightlife; a reminiscence of all that happens between dusk and dawn, captured and compressed into about one hour of music. An hour in which they so delicately time their changing of styles and tempos, always reading the room and always being one step ahead of the crowd.

This album is a reflection of that skill, starting its journey with soothing, mood-setting ambient, followed by timeless pieces of Detroit and dubtechno. Two daring electro cuts provide a refreshing break from the four to the floor tradition, only to be followed by the stripped down sound the duo is so comfortable with.

The final minutes consist of experimental breaks, one last banger to pull out the last bits of energy that is left and a beautiful outro, which concludes the all-nighter vibe. There are no open endings, it doesn’t make you want to stay in the dark forever. Rather it makes you want to close your eyes one last time before walking outside to see the sun come up again before going home, overwhelmed and satisfied.

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Midnight Ensemble (Limited Red Edition)

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Midnight Ensemble Unisex T-shirt

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