Dynamic Reflection is a Dutch record label founded by Paul Boex, member of the dynamic duo Abstract Division, mainly focusing on techno releases. Consisting of two series under one overarching roof, the label alternates monthly between two types of releases: one is a vinyl and digital release, while the other type is a digital-only release.

The vinyl+digital series started in 2008 and over the years, next to the productions of established artists, a lot of new producers have been introduced through the label whose sound matched Paul’s vision.

The current label residents of Dynamic Reflection are the following artists: Abstract Division, Jeroen Search, Deepbass and Viels.

Since 2016, the digital-only releases are running under a sub label called ‘The Nursery’ which was created with the idea of providing a platform to upcoming, new talents.

The main reason for Paul to start Dynamic Reflection’s sub label was to initiate some lasting changes within the scene that helps unknown talents to break through. He wished to create opportunities for others which he himself as a starting producer did not have yet.

Paul was only 23-year-old when he launched Dynamic Reflection back in 2008. His vision at the time for his label was to create a platform that would reflect energetic, dance floor oriented techno in its purest form that is capable of turning any venue upside down. However, to put this vision into practice as a young, not well-known, evolving artist still searching for his sound was not an easy task.
Throughout the years, Paul & Dave stayed focused and committed to their goals and dived deeper and deeper into the electronic music genre. His active involvement in the scene as a booker and his numerous artistic collaborations helped him ultimately to define his artistic vision as label owners.

In 2018, his label celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a very special project including 5 EPs called ‘Continuum’ featuring artists like Blawan, Steffi, Oscar Mulero, Donato Dozzy and Mike Parker.