Abstract Division announce their debut album “Midnight Ensemble”

Having helped numerous artists release their projects on Dynamic Reflection over the span of almost 15 years, Paul Boex and Dave Miller are now eager to showcase their  experience and skill level as music producers as well. Their forthcoming “Midnight Ensemble” will be the first instance of the label’s foremen releaseing an album after a decade of working together as Abstract Division.

Those who have followed the duo since their early days of playing dj-sets together, know that it’s hard to define their style anywhere beyond techno or even electronic music, as it is ever evolving and always dependent on the time of the day or night. From the words of Abstract Division themselves, “Midnight Ensemble” could be interpreted as an ode to nightlife; a reminiscence of all that happens between dusk and dawn, captured and compressed into about one hour of music. 

The album will be released as a vinyl on September 23 and will come in two versions, with the second one being the limited red edition handcrafted by the talented visual designer Coco Rae that also comes with a special commemorative T-Shirt. 

Pre-orders are already available on our website, so make sure to secure yourself a copy and be ready to experience the mesmerizing sonic world of “Midnight Ensemble”.