Anybody is Nowhere EP on 3VOOR12

Abstract Division is fine with being techno-purists, the techno duo won’t sell their soul.

Paul Boex doesn’t live in an illusion. The music he makes together with Dave Miller under the name Abstract Division, doesn’t get them full clubs. But they know; the 300 to 400 people who do like their deep, trippy sound, are the true soldiers. ‘Donato Dozzy, Marco Shuttle, the artists around the Northern Electronics Label, that’s the kind sound we strive for. Anthony Linell, who made a remix for our new EP, is the owner of that label. Over there in Scandinavia they’ve created something unique. So real enthusiasts do exist, but they are spread all over the world’.

Techno may seem like something constant, but the genre breaks down into countless subgenres. During ADE we couldn’t help but notice that the music overall was harder and faster than we were used to. ‘The French organization Possession started this trend, and artists like I Hate Models have had a lot of success with it. But we don’t participate in that trend. Our new EP is about the struggle we see with the producers around us. Do you jump on the hype train? Or do you stay true to your roots as an artist? I suspect that the hard, trancy sound will reach its peak sometime next year. But will you be able to go back once you’ve sold your soul?’

The ‘Anybody is Nowhere EP has been ready since 2019, and at the start of this year, after a lot of delay, it got handed over to the vinyl presser. We just received the final copies, because that’s just how it is nowadays. Meanwhile, Abstract Division has almost finished a new album, which is scheduled to release sometime next year. Paul is happy with the release of the ‘Anybody is Nowhere EP’; ‘I have several projects to focus on: my label, a bit of DJ’ing and producing, putting together a program every now and then, I’ll be fine!’


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