Connect with: Pyramidal Decode

For the latest edition of our Connect series interviews, we’ve talked to Pyramidal Decode, who has recently released an EP by the name of “Dysfunctional System”. Among other things, the artist spoke about his new project, collaborating with other artists, the current state of techno and even offered his advice to the upcoming musicians.

Enjoy the read!

– How do you feel about the current state of techno?

  • It’s an interesting question. Techno is in a continuous evolution.  Everyone has their own concept of what it should sound like and I’m satisfied with how the world is spreading this musical genre. I’d say that today we still have a lack of meritocracy, but luckily I keep seeing a lot of artists that continue to focus solely on their art without being commercial about it. That is what keeps the real techno alive.


– Who are your role models in music and how do they influence you as a producer?

  • My top 3 would be: Oscar Mulero, followed by Jeff Mills and Mike Parker. Oscar Mulero and Jeff Mills for their incredible rhythm and skill to create in a space of various kinds of music, and Mike Parker for his hypnotic and futuristic sound. 


– How would you define the sound of your new project?

  • Listening to “Dysfunctional System” is a nice way to understand my musical taste. It shows my range of action: deep and hypnotic at the start, evolving into something stronger and more dance-floor oriented. For the upcoming future, I think my projects will follow and reflect the sound I’m already known for, but I’m also working on something more introspective and experimental.


– What genres/artists outside of techno do you like that would be surprising for us to know?

  • Usually I don’t listen to too much techno during the day. I really like blues and jazz: Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis to name a few. All the rhythmical changes in jazz music are really inspiring to me.


– What about art forms outside of music?

  • I am currently working on some audio reactive visuals. My dream would be to make a multi-media show with graphics generated by what I am playing. I really appreciate this kind of art form.


– What would be your advice for a starting artist?

  • I would say to release as much music as they can. I think that a lot of starting artists waste their music without exporting it from their computers or without sending it to labels due to their shyness; I feel that every track we make as artists should be released or shared and not judged only by ourselves.


– Small clubs or big venues?

  • I really like to play in small/medium clubs. Most of the time the crowd is warmer, more interested and easier to interact with. This kind of situation makes me feel free to take them on my own musical journey during the set. I also love big venues, but for me as for lots of DJs clubs will always have that special vibe.


– Do you like collaborating and if so, what is your dream collab?

  • This year I’ve collaborated for the first time with my friend Lidvall. I’m really satisfied with how the project has evolved since and I’ve recently also started working on something with a resident of Dynamic Reflection, whose name is too early to reveal yet. [Laughs]


– When is the best time for you to create?

  • Almost every time I can; when I was younger I preferred making music at late nights, but as of now I try to follow my mood and create whenever I feel inspired. For sure I also like producing in winter time more. Here in South Italy it’s really difficult to work from a studio in summer time without melting. [Laughs]


Check out “Dysfunctional System EP” below!