Interview with Svarog

We had the chance to sit down with Svarog and ask him about life, the techno scene in Ukraine and the future. Enjoy the read and don’t forget to stream his EP on The Nursery, Mysticism EP. 

How is life in Ukraine at the moment and how did Covid affect your life the last couple of months?

“Ukraine has been in the green zone for some time, so there are no bans that would severely restrict the work of nightclubs or festivals. For example, in July and August, I was performing every weekend at gigs both in Ukraine and abroad. There were some additional formalities and paperwork when traveling, but in general, life seems to have returned to normal.”.

Looking back on your first ‘Legio EP’ release on The Nursery today, how do you feel about it? Do you think you’ve made a lot of progress in the studio?

“I have spent a lot of time in the studio and have released several new EP’s over the last year. I have been working on improving my skills. It seems to me that the ideas and content of my music have also become deeper; although some conservatism and habits are also present in my work, but they determine my special style.”

How did you approach the Mysticism EP?

“I have been working on this EP for a long time, trying a selection of different tracks. The gap in time between creating some of the tracks is almost a year. There are almost no coincidences in the process of creating the tracks; the whole idea is thought out from the beginning. Some flexibility in arranging the sketch is possible though. In any production, the final product may differ from the original idea.”.

What is your favorite track on the Mysticism EP and why?

“For me it is difficult to pick just one favorite track, but if I had to choose it would probably be ‘Pagan Celebration’, because it is quite driving and has a positive and majestic vibe.”

It looks like the techno scene in Ukraine is growing and techno is becoming a ‘big’ thing nowadays. Is that correct? And how do you experience this?

“Definitely, the Ukrainian techno scene has become a lot bigger, a big number of festivals and parties is held lately. Just to put it in perspective, a few years ago in Lviv, the city I live in, it was hardly possible to rent equipment for a technical rider for many artists, because the renters did not have the appropriate gear. And there were just a few techno events. It has been changing ever since the techno industry started developing rapidly, which is good for all parties. Techno music is becoming more and more popular, and its various subgenres attract quite a large number of people.

What are your favorite clubs and/ or events to play or go to in Ukraine? And how is the political environment towards techno events in Ukraine?

“Clubs in Ukraine have long reached the international level. They bring famous headliners and talented artists from all over the world, and many visitors from abroad purposefully come to Ukraine to visit these parties and clubs.

As for me, I am not a party animal. I prefer to perform at events. Also, for the last five years I have been co-organizer and resident of a series of successful local techno parties called Textura in Lviv. Performing there has been a pleasure for me, every time. There was always a warm and family like atmosphere on the dancefloor. We even managed to organize several showcases of Textura in Kyiv and Poland.

Are there any new artists from Ukraine who we should keep an eye out for?

“I would definitely recommend paying attention to Bohdan (@bohdandj), Strom (@stromua1) and Ma-gooch (@itsmagooch), I like their music and hopefully you will enjoy it as well.”.

What do you hope the future of techno is going to look like in general and for yourself?

It I hard for me to make predictions, as too many factors are now influencing the techno scene development. In my opinion, the genre has now reached its peak and slowly begins to acquire a model of show business (not just a cultural phenomenon), where the audience’s attention can be captured by elements of the show or provocations but not the music itself, like it used to be before.

Also, thanks to social network and opportunities it provides, the way to the stage is now open and easier for everyone willing to take it. That might lead to fierce competition in the future. But for the performers who have gathered a big loyal audience, there will be broader opportunities (for example, to have sponsorship advertising contracts, expand the audience through entertainment shows on television or other media projects).”

What else do you like to do besides making music?

“Apart from making music, which I dedicate a lot of time to, I enjoy doing sports, like football and exercising in the gym. I am also fond of traveling, exploring new places and architecture. Hiking in the mountains is also one of my passions. Besides that, I always try to do my best to be up to date with contemporary art. I follow some artists and visit art galleries.”