Introducing Audio Units

When The Nursery series was founded back in 2016, its main purpose was to provide a stage for young talent that might otherwise remain unheard of. Looking back on the 49 releases that followed, it feels safe to say that purpose was lived up to. And what other way to celebrate the 50th release other than giving talent the honor?

So here we are, presenting you with Audio Units. A dynamic duo all the way from India, that’s been scoring in their home scene for the past ten years, and now also making moves on European territory. How great is that? It’s not hard to see why they’re succeeding at it: their releases tirelessly combine equal amounts hypnotizing energy and no nonsense. This EP in particular is an up-tempo one, best played in the peak time hours of the night and a great reflection from all the good stuff from the 90’s with a modern twist. 

It goes without saying that we’ll hear more of Audio Units on Dynamic Reflection, cause this sounds like a match made in heaven. The same goes for Dynamic Reflection’s The Nursery series for that matter; as this 50th release is just the end of the beginning.