Introducing Pyramidal Decode

For the 58th edition of the Nursery series, we are glad to welcome back Francesco DeMarzo, an Italian based techno producer and DJ better known by his stage name Pyramidal Decode.

Francesco began dabbling in music at the age of 7 when he first picked up a guitar, the decision that was fueled by his interest in blues. At the age of 13 he began experimenting with turntables, which consequently led to him producing his first deep house tracks. In 2015 he started a dub techno duo by the name of “Ort3d” together with a childhood friend of his, Gaetano Frisario. Two years later, Francesco commenced his solo career releasing music under his current moniker.

Last year Pyramidal Decode released his “Sequential Movement EP” on Dynamic Reflection. The EP that sounded dreamy and hypnotizing left a good impression both on us and on our listeners. Since then, he has released on several other labels, put out numerous EPs, performed at various European venues and even presented his first solo album to the public by the name of “Abstract Geometry”.