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A picture of the vinyl and its packaging for "ILES" by Nocow, with a wooden look to the vinyl and images of a tree and a sea on the background, all in primarily blue and brown colors.

Nocow - Iles LP (Vinyl Only)

Dynamic Reflection proudly presents a new vinyl release from a Saint Petersburg-based producer Aleksei Nikitin, better known as Nocow. In true Nocow fashion, the album encapsulates an array of music styles that go beyond techno, which results in a refreshing take on the genre.

Ambient drones, tribal undertones, UK garage influences and other 90’s aesthetics are among some of the impressions we’ve gotten from listening to “Iles”. Creating within a diverse spectrum of electronic music sub-genres is something that comes naturally for the artist, who is already known for his versatility in music production. In the words of Nocow, this allows him to express his ideas to a higher degree of freedom.

The music on “ILES” serves as a language of subconscious that simultaneously brings out thoughtful reverie and the feeling of saudade. It is an emotional experience that connects a sense of nature’s mystique with a notion of the human Self, which allows for the listener’s inner dialogue in a moment of reflection.

Nocow’s music solidified him as a prominent artist within the contemporary techno scene and his new album is yet another proof of it. We are fascinated by the project and hope you enjoy the sonic world of “ILES” as much as we do.

NOTE: by purchasing the vinyl you also receive an exclusive download code, which gives you full acces to  digital downloads of the album + 2 extra digital BONUS tracks

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"Stunning release. Thank you!"
Nina Kraviz
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Inigo Kennedy
Favorite track: Beyond Redemption
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"Love it. Warm and moody in all the right places."

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